Jaeger the Serious #05 — The Jobbing Episode

August 9th, 2018


Everyone jobs to everything!

If you're wondering about Stage Girls, it's nearly as fascinatingly nonsensical, but it puts its nonsense into the direction and similarly has just godawful writing. It did have a 'fight' this week, set to bubblegum swing and a goofy Looney Tunes montage of Karin being batted through every other fight until she summoned all her resolve and declared… "I won't lose," whereupon despite there still being about three minutes left in the 'fight,' the animation went from comically bad to completely nonexistent and it started just showing random bits of scenery. So I guess the budget there ran out completely, and it's still relying on the same vapid nothing instead of murdering anybody, so I'm staying true to my word and maybe I'll glance in to see the weirdness of the week, but that's it.


So, let's sum this up. Our cliffhanger leads to his brother just wanting to lounge around for a few minutes, flash his abs, whisper in his brother's ear, and let them stroke each other's cheeks before simply wandering off again, the Sengoku dude that last week's pre-OP tease was all about only existed in the story to stop the train and then get unceremoniously killed by the monster of the week, and the Frankenstein they've been yammering about for nearly a month ended up just being a monster of the week, if even that. Frankenstein existed to job to Yuliy's brother. We don't even get to see Yuliy fight the stupid thing. It starts, cuts away, and then cuts back just in time for him to fall over helplessly so he can give a moonstruck gasp that his brother's here to save him.

But that wasn't even the worst jobbing of the episode. Random vampires are now getting easily taken down by the dedicated mewling waif of the show, putting their threat factor now at about the level of a gerbil or a relatively large tomato. What did the entire armed, trained team of 'badasses' do this week? One of them stroked his brother's cheek lovingly and then tripped over pipes. The best thing I can say about this show is that the writing is so godawful that it's almost fascinating. Mostly still boring though.

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