HaruKana Receive #09 — Someone Has to Lose in Volleyball

August 31st, 2018




Good god, does this try to make copious hay out of goddamned nothing. The entire first half is consumed by the idol girl being torn apart by the angst of finding out that not everybody can win regionals/go to nationals. Someone has to lose. In volleyball. This is, of course, another excuse for them all to reaffirm that they'll be BFFs forever and not even not achieving the ambition that they didn't have four weeks ago can tear them apart. There were tears and everything. God only help us had they been pitted against each other in the first round.

And yet, it compares favorably to the second half, about a ten minute montage of knocking off characters that didn't even get to have a gimmick. Come on, guys. Where's the Mexican sidearm? How about floaters? Nothing at all? Right now, I couldn't even tell you for sure if Haruka even knows how to serve period. 

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