HaruKana Receive #05 — Reviewing the Rules

August 3rd, 2018


And nobody's touched the net yet? Not even once?


Riiight. This is why I normally steer clear of sports shows. Even for a sports show though, this seems like a particularly slow and drawn out episode. Hell, they stop at the start to review the concept of blocking. At another point, they pause to review how many hits you get, and how blocking counts as a hit. Then we just kind of montage over the rest of the first set before flashing back to their backstory which is nothing more than "volleyball's fun, huh?"

And then the episode sort of just unceremoniously ends, still searching for any kind of narrative or development at all. I guess there's some awkward attempt at a cliffhanger. She sucks at pokeys, but keeps doing them. WHAT COULD IT MEAN!? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK. Not exactly chomping at the bit to find out whether it's part of her MASTER PLAN or simply because we're rehashing episode 3, but backwards.

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  • anise_punter says:

    much thanks for im*age 74 friend

    pretty meh episode