Harukana Receive #04 — But My Insecurity!

July 27th, 2018


Oh wait, I'm fine again.


This seemed like inoffensive fluff, and Murder Angels/Chio made it kind of easy by having an episode entirely of a cackling crazy woman doing nothing but cackle, and an episode split between "holding a cigarette makes me look cool" and delivering newspapers. Less comedy is wrung out than you'd expect in either of those, although perhaps exactly the amount you'd expect from ten damnable minutes on each.

This, however, is reaching new levels of insubstantiality, so I guess that's probably why the boobs were extra bouncy this week, not to mention the changing room stripping scene. At least the pointless non-drama came from someone else for the first time. Haruka spontaneously decided that Kanata didn't actually like her based on honorific usage. Then they went swimsuit shopping, met the next miniboss, and I guess we just decided we were done being insecure because the episode was over. Because Haruka snuck off to practice without Kanata a whole one time. Dare for the drama. Personally, I would've used the accidental lesbian proposal as an excuse, but apparently that was just a random filler joke.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    on the other hand, haruka has the attention span of a gnat and probably forgot all about the honorifics thing two minutes after it happened

    i strongly approved of this episode for reasons

  • Tails Prower says:

    More girls in bikinis but none are actually swimming.