Darling in the What #24 — Time Skip Spirit Bomb

July 7th, 2018


Sure, why not?


What an appropriately terrible and nonsensical end to this show. My favorite part is all the things they just reset offscreen. The gate goes to the home planet? Nah. It just spit 'em out somewhere else in space. The planet can't support life? Nah, just kidding. Everyone dies early because of the clone stuff? Oh, we developed a drug for that. The baby's in trouble due to space magic? Nah, came out fine. No problems at all. Didn't even need an epidural. And what was the importance of the baby? Well, you see, it has a psychic connection to 02 that nobody else has, and could tell them when 02 was in danger so everyone could go up to the hill and emotion really hard into space, thereby sending their friendship power across the cosmos, thereby giving them the strength to commit to a suicidal attack to commit genocide on an entire species. Way to go, team!


Final Thoughts:

While possibly somewhat fascinating at times for how godawful the writing was, it all but abandoned having any action at all in the second half and went from wallowing in the drama most of the time to wallowing in the drama all of the time. Now, that might've been okay had it actually developed its drama and characters, but the first arc was 02 being declared a monster and Hiro accepting her, the second arc was 02 being declared a monster and Hiro accepting her, and after that was padding before the writing decided to throw in a major twist every other episode, inventing and deleting vast fleets and armies each week… and it was all still always resolved with Hiro psychically yelling his feelings for 02. That's the only goddamned thing he ever did from start to finish. Get a goddamned Teddy Ruxpin.

The show was undercut by not being able to commit to anything. It kept rehashing Hiro/02's crap every single goddamned arc, and every time it swore for real that dire circumstances would come from whatever, be it partnering with 02, clonery, or teen pregnancy, it always found a way to either back off or straight up reset things so there weren't any consequences at all. The only dire consequences is the very end of the show with the main two sacrificing themselves to murder an entire species halfway across the galaxy that hasn't threatened humanity for literally years at that point. Someone clearly took the wrong message from Ender's Game.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • abc says:

    Well, they attacked their Home Planet, but the enemy is not extinct.. Perhaps they have other planets and such.. Also they said they are not destroyed.. perhaps just “blast” back for thousand of years because lost many ships and such

    also.. body less lifeforms.. need spaceships?… okay…

  • anise_punter says:

    This was a classic Trigger anime

    by this I mean: the people in charge have clearly watched good anime in the past, so they then find every trope that said good anime have, put them in without any rhyme or reason or idea as to why they worked in those original shows and then they make a bad show that sort of reminds you of good shows you watched a long time ago but not quite.

    • abc says:

      Yeah, this suddenly Gunbuster ending surprised me and her transformation into this Gigantic Mecha… Oh well. there are other little things that i found odd. But summa sumarum and good ending with feeeeelllings.. also where do this little lookalike Zero Two come from.. seems like the Klauxous are slowly been reborn through the humans

  • dlp says:

    Was anyone getting any “Enders Game” vibes from this series?

  • Fed says:

    I don’t know why you think VIRM isn’t a threat to humanity. They literally just tried to nuke the planet and have spent centuries draining it of its resources.