Sinning, Dancing, Dragoning #12 — Instead, Here’s Wedgies

June 21st, 2018


This episode was amazing.


…As in it left me utterly, totally, completely amazed. Gobsmacked with disbelief that this is how they would choose to end the show. That somehow, people planned and came to this episode. Although even 'end' isn't the right word. It's about 80% origin story flashback and most of that was an excuse to gawk at a girl who keeps stripping down to underwear stuck so far up her ass that you probably wouldn't have to take it off to have sex with her. The arc that was going on? The bomb? Remedius/Zhuo Luo? Brewing war? So on and so forth? That's hastily explained away as "Oh, nothing came of that. The stalemate returned. He mysteriously died. The end." People were paid to write this script. I hope they were either paid a lot, or paid nothing at all.

Final Thoughts:

What a goddamned farce. The end.

Fine. In brief, not a single character was important to any event, most of the plot made no sense yet entire episodes were spent standing around trying to explain how it was utter genius, the action was half unanimated, and they tossed away everything at the end to go out with a damp fart of an origin story. The dragon trying to avenge its mate was about the only character with any actual motivation or personality, and it was the B side of the opening arc before being unceremoniously fireballed. The writing thinks itself a grand chessboard but can't even manage tic tac toe without introducing a dozen holes, and it's all grand epic, all but divorced from the characters themselves. The few times things do directly threaten them, they're summarily dealt with just by pointing a sword at it and shooting a fireball, yet even that takes five to ten minutes. And then they just drop everything at the end and tell us that it was all wrapped up offscreen somehow. If you wanted to come up with an ending that leaves the worst possible taste in your mouth, that would be how to do it.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You are being too kind to this pathetic mess. I think what we had here was a bunch of grade C anime writers who tried and failed to adapt a grade C light novel series.

    It’s too bad, given the story premise which had adult characters in adult situations. The writers just couldn’t figure out how to do anything with this opportunity, so they screwed it up. One also has to shovel a lot of blame on the director who seemed to be absent 90 percent of the time.

    This ended up being one of the most unenjoyable series that I have watched to the end in many years. But when I look at what is coming up for the Summer 2018 anime season I may well be looking back at this with a gentler gaze come August…