Sinners Drink with Drunkards #11 — It’s Filler Time!

June 14th, 2018


Only a douche wears sunglasses at night.


Fine, since FMP is off this week, and everyone besides Bandai Channel thinks that next week is the end of this abysmal affair, we can see things out one last tortuous week. And how lucky for us, the first half of the episode is straight up filler; the characters sitting around having a drinking game, not entirely unlike that sister LN show from a season or two back. Just an excuse for them to explain some rules and then do random things while decrying the perfectly predictable situation they have placed themselves into. After that, a car ride with a woman I'm at least 80% certain we've never seen before, but is apparently the central character to the rest of the quasi-arc. It takes another three to four minutes until another one of those bombs from last week that they totally and definitely stopped turns out to be less than stopped, so it's time to bump into the Big Bad in the street and talk his ear off. Eventually, he gets bored and walks away to hallucinate that girl he Donner Partied.

This, this is how it goes into its final climactic battle. Ten minutes of filler, some conversations, and back to the hostage situation we just left, but this time with political hostages instead of personal hostages. How will they get out of this one? Will they… stop talking and do something? Who can say! Who could care? Judging by how they just saunter around doing nothing, sure ain't the characters here.

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