Sinners Disco with Deus Ex Machina #10 — Long Pig

June 7th, 2018


Please nuke the city.


Yeah, I think this is where I get off this horrible train. 22 minutes of this show once a week is bad enough. The moment I was sure came about eight minutes in at the end of a tremendously half-assed fight scene. They beat the Gilgamesh beetle when it abruptly just stopped moving. I flipped back because I was sure I had missed something. What a fool I was. The explanation of why he simply stopped and died came in about a minute straight of exposition afterward. You know, the very best way to structure things. Have the antagonist totally job, and then spend a while explaining how it wasn't a job, but actually the result of genius strategy. By… burning a few cigars, he put enough nicotine into the air to paralyze the magic beetle. Now, I'm no expert on demon Gilgamesh beetles, but I'm pretty sure if there was enough nicotine to instantly take him down, the humans in there would be pretty dead as well. As for the clown, they shot him with a fireball. You know, the same as how they killed the dragon last arc. On top of that, they didn't even actually stop the missle/bomb thing. Someone else did. Random No-Name Dude on a bridge a couple miles away did with the wave of his hand. It can't even manage something cool looking for its deus ex machinas.

This would also be the conclusion of the antagonist's backstory flashback crap, where they fridge the hell out of his little waif girlfriend by having her cut her throat on a piece of jagged rock because… you know… why the hell not? It was so he could eat her, but you know, he didn't look like he had missed too many meals. It's made all the worse since it's apparently just leading to your standard quasi-racist "My people were wronged, so now I'm going to destroy the world!" evil overlord schtick. There's been like 45 minutes of backstory for this jackwad, and all they came up with in the end is fridging his girlfriend. At least the dragon had a personal connection to them. This dude's just Lord Evil of Evil because Evil was Evil to him. And what was his connection to everything going on? He was the wirepuller. That's it. Just hung around in the shadows.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You mean that you won’t suffer through the last two episodes with the rest of us masochists?

    • Aroduc says:

      Bandai Channel put up metadata for up through 14, so I assumed the worst. 

      I couldn’t even tell you what the hell is supposed to be going on; what the stakes are, who’s doing what, how the good or bad guys are even supposed to interact, so on and so forth. Of course, I kind of feel like I could say similar about a couple other shows this season as well that are flailing. This has been a pretty awful season and it’s sapping any motivation hardcore.

      • Bydoless says:

        You say that every season.

        • Aroduc says:

          The last few seasons have had at least one or two shows to anchor things that were consistently decent, or things that were at least awful in a variety of ways. With FMP this week, the anime I’m covering are now 3/5 on having fridged some pointless side character that it nonetheless spent an inordinate focus on while half-assing the hell out of action, making an abject mess of any kind of story, and leaving all the principals undeveloped as hell. Bump that up to 4/5 if you want to add the mindwipe thing from Franxx, done for the same purpose and with a similar attitude towards action.

          Hell, you could make it 5/5 with Caligula if you (admittedly tortuously) include it killing that random villain dude so everyone can stare in shock, also for the same reason.