Darling, What the Franxx #23 — Ultimate Girls

June 30th, 2018


I wonder if anybody even remembers that horrible show existed.


And so we attempt to stumble back into a final battle after using an orbital ground-based death ray to instantly obliterate the last one. How are we going to build up the drama? By making copious amounts of hay about how we're splitting the characters up as they head off to the final battle. And Final Battle 2.0 was stupid enough to start, being entirely giant swarms of things vaguely firing into other giant swarms of things with virtually no effect whatsoever. They yell and waffle about this for a bit before Hiro goes on another astral journey into 02's mind as that storybook, which turns the giant robot into a giant space girl, whereupon she obliterates everything, but wait! There's also Final Battle 3.0, so they open a portal to the enemy homeworld because when you have overwhelming firepower against a helpless opponent, you'd be irresponsible to not commit genocide with it. Go good guys!

So nothing really all that new or surprising unless you count some points where the animators simply gave up and the frames began dropping. They weren't able to fabricate a new final boss on the spot, and yet will be trying a third time next week, and they used the same thing for dramatic moments, Hiro going on an astral journey to 02's mindscape for hugs and reassurance, as they have every single goddamned other time. They're not getting any points from me for consistency though. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Clumsy writing is clumsy writing…

  • Leivinia Birdway says:

    And now references to Gunbuster 2, if there is something that no more mentions is its constant reference / imitation to the old series of gainax, I know that part of the staff is the same, but it is shameless that they are literally the same scenes and ideas, it is not same use a topic or cliche popular because it is a crutch for beginners to start writing their history, but here is only copied, I do not see identity or personality in this anime that is constantly using them, but only used superficially since that alone is enough to that the public automatically to compares a new EVA or Gurren lagann.

  • Neclord X says:

    I wonder if anybody even remembers that horrible show existed.

    Of course I remember it, for good or for bad. I also remember Cosprayers and LoveLove, that were from the same studio.