Darling Oh Hey, Some Franxx #20 — The Fever Dreams of M. Night Shyamalan

June 9th, 2018


Man, I hope this whole thing turns out to be a VR sim of a video game.


Oho! I was right. Teen pregnancy is the true villain after all. Also, aliens. Everyone's an alien. No, not the aliens, you thought, a completely different kind of alien at war with the other aliens. Or monster. Or becoming one. This would be the episode where they threw as many WHAT A TWEESTS at the camera as possible. The adults aren't humans at all (duh). The robots are actually klaxxobots. There's a fleet of spaceships bombarding the planet. Starkiller is powering up, as is Starkiller-killer, and probably a Starkiller-killer-killer to come. More acronyms. VIRMs, which is APE, is in an interstellar war against the creators of the klaxxomobobs, and hijacked humanity for their LAVA POWER and ability to use the klax genital-based weaponry. Etc etc. What is it with this season and the writing? 

You'll also notice what's lacking here is any mention of a character saying or doing anything. Why? Because the characters themselves were, as usual, not important to all the MINDBLOWING reveals thrown out like spaghetti at the fridge. The best you can say for them is that they were either the vectors used to throw the spaghetti, or the fridge upon which it splattered. Princess 001 is the only one who did anything at all. She busted in to grab Hiro and toss 02 out the door so she could then carry him around like the MacGuffin that he is. Boy, I hope Hiro and/or 02 yells about their feelings to un-hijack the mech from the berserk female… for the third time. Everyone else was just sort of hanging around in the swarm of monsters while it kept cutting back to the council of evil alien adults. My favorite was the mindwiped pair, already overcoming their mindwipedness, so what was even the point? Anyway, in the first few minutes, they were stricken with the terrors of amnesia and morning sickness. You'd think that'd be important to the episode since they focused so hard on it in the first act, right? Nah. They then vanished from the rest of the episode with nary a trace. Maybe we'll get to it next week. Or the week after. Or never. We'll have to see how many more twists they can try to come up with.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • datch says:

    i actually though the adults wouldve aborted or did something to preggers to avoid them remembering anything, now the child will get them killed

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Every episode this series surprises me with new ways to show how badly a story can be written and directed. I wonder if they will do “It was all a dream” for the finale?

  • The Phantom says:

    LOL I knew they will refocus on another enemy so 02 and 01 could do a love triangle with stupidhead.

  • sp33 says:

    “Now I’m not saying it was aliens… But it was aliens.”