Cutie Honey Universe #09 — The Fridging

June 3rd, 2018


Actual blood? Gadzooks!


Another pretty bizarre episode for multiple reasons, the least of which was the running gag of that one dude jamming his ass on a table and exploding in a rose of pain. You know, the same thing that they've been trying to sell as a psychological scarring thing haunting the main characters. Equally bizarre was the central events of the episode. Jill decided to throw a hostage party, except instead of hostages, she killed her entire entourage and used their bodies as decoys. The trauma of that was enough to cause Spidergirl to have a mental breakdown and somehow split into a good and evil half, the evil of which then dropped Natsuko off a building and skewered her to the ground. But to be fair, Natsuko was milking the hell out of it. If we're lucky, it'll even stick so nobody notices that literally nothing here made a single iota of sense.

Of course, all of this was stuffed into the second half of the episode. The first half was spent futzing around making jokes about dudes poking themselves in the ass and wringing their hands about how they couldn't do anything until suddenly they could… just go walk right where Jill wanted them to go in the first place. Jill's logistical planning needs a lot of work. As for Natsuko, she existed only to suffer and die for Honey in the first place and never developed into anything more than fridgebait. I think that this is supposed to make things personal for Honey, but their relationship was close to nonexistent, and Jill already killed Honey's father and entire school. Could've at least turned her into a brainwashed monster and forced Honey to put her down herself (or Natsuko do it). That would have at least been something different rather than just upping the trauma from rose explosions to silhouettes and blood puddles.

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  • Aardvark says:

    Is the whole idea of this show essentially “girl on girl is hot but real lesbians are ugly and evil”? Seriously this show makes High School DxD look downright progressive.