Cutie Honey Universe #10 — Heel-Face Turn

June 10th, 2018


I have no idea why anybody does anything in this show.


I guess the lipservice was sort of there. They certainly said that Honey was suicidally throwing herself into the fight. Except that all they did to support this was have her mope around a little and put up a montage of her fighting as usual with the end result being that she… fought as usual. And then when they got into the "If you can't beat me, how do you expect to beat Jill" responded by doing schtick for most of the rest of the episode. Things are getting serious going into the final act, so here's a standup routine to consume most of the episode. Great plan.

And… uh… then there was a sob session with the spider dressed as Natsuko, and that was it. I guess we're just supposed to assume that her inner crisis is over then? It's not even clear why Dragon pulled a Vegeta. She wants to fight Honey when she's strong, but if she's back to full strength… Also, did we just forget to tell Honey that Genet is Jill? Did they forget she was? Didn't Natsuko warn her of that multiple times? This is why Darling going off the rails almost seems palatable. The writing here is just as nonsensical, but it's ten thousand times more mundane. 

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