Caligula #10 — The Backstory Dump

June 10th, 2018


Oh boy! Exposition AND recap!


Good lord, was this episode in no hurry to go anywhere at all. They spend the first third doing nothing but review. Exciting things like "We're trapped," and "That girl made Shogo freak out," and "The ex-bad guy who joined on a whim sure is suspicious." The only new thing at all is that Thorn is listening in on them. It's not until nearly the halfway point that he spits out his backstory, and boy, is it stupid. He was friends with not-Thorn, but she killed herself, and here in Moebius, she keeps killing herself in front of him. You know, like the happy blissful utopia for making everyone happy. That old argument that Mu is a well-intentioned, naive imbecile is falling apart moment by moment.

We then proceed to go around the table in a campfire introduction bit where everyone simply spits out their own flavor of tragic backstory, almost all of which we've already mostly covered, so all it's doing is filling in some details for no reason. What fun. The antagonist agrees with me, as the secret identity of the explodey Musician is that one muggle that they keep hanging around, who gets sick of listening to them and blows them up. Not in the way that would do any real harm, mind you. Just a casual grenade that scuffs some clothing. We could've skipped this episode completely and just had her do that at the end of last week and god only knows what we would've missed. A fat lot of nothing. And we're going to do this for the antagonists too, aren't we? God, why. Remember how they all got powers? Are we going to use them at literally any goddamned point? No? Lovely.

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