Caligula #09 — Obligatory Bullying PSA

June 3rd, 2018


I kind of hoped we already half had this and it would count so we could… not have more of it.


Another episode that doesn't make much sense, beginning with the opening infodump about how they were heading up to the last boss area. So Mu wants to make all the people in the fake world happy, so to make this one dude who was bullied happy, she lets him have an entire torture building full of victims who he relentlessly tortures, day and night. He's matched against the super hero wannabe who… just gets ranted at really. Then one of the other rando villains apparently arranges for one of the tortured victims to blow themselves up (great job again, Mu), which prompts about a four minute expositional and dramatic wangsting about how if you die in the game, you die for real, immediately followed by ol' Two-Tone hair having a screaming mental breakdown simply from the head of the antagonists showing up just to say hi and leave.

But that's not the cliffhanger. Because their master plan to show up at the front gate in a huge group to the place where literally everyone knows their HQ is, and stop at every other floor to pick fights and run screaming through the halls somehow means that the only way the baddies could've known they were coming is if there was a traitor. That's right. Apparently this attack from the front at the supposed first opportunity they had was actually a secret attack. So they all futz off back to their clubroom, only to be locked in, while ol' Whose His Face is conspicuously disappearing through magic doors. Every leap of logic here makes less sense than the last. You know what would've worked better? Just having the villains trap them in a room in their hideout and then going "Ha ha! The traitor in your midst has traitored you!" That still would have been stupid and awful, but it's so much better than them spontaneously melodraming things up out of goddamned nowhere.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Out of curioucity, any thoughts on the new FLCL?

  • The Phantom says:

    FLCL is crazy enough to e fun.