Sinners Samba With Salamanders #06 — Power Creep

May 10th, 2018


Nice to see Castlevania's bosses are still getting work.


Can we just stop and imagine what this show would be like if the script writers weren't godawful? Even if it was just the dialogue. What if every declaration was checked with other parts of the script to make sure it was consistent? What if the quips made sense and were on point instead of being random factoids that would be shown to be totally false not twenty seconds later? What if every smug cliche it tries to point out to show how self-aware it is was replaced with damn near anything else? Maybe then the subpar action might be a little more stomachable, but probably not. I don't even know where to start with the above.

I think my favorite bit of total oblivious stupidity was how they paused things to talk about how the Legion knockoff they were fighting was a super horrible deadly thing to fight and you're better off running, only to basically one-shot it, followed up by another dude showing up to tell them that there's been a plague of the things running around lately. It took approximately three minutes for it to go from supposedly on par with the strongest thing imaginable down to a pest infestation. And then they added a clown. A clown that talks the same as every single one of the rest of them, pompous, operatic, and using entire minutes to say nothing whatsoever. But in makeup. Lovely.

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