Sinners Line Dance with Lindwurms #07 — Cabinet Cosplay

May 17th, 2018


It's things like that which make it so convincing to believe that the writing is being handled by gerbils.


Well, it ain't improving, that's for sure. Just like the first arc, they're juggling two things which seem to have jack squat to do with each other, but will no doubt somehow be tied together unconvincingly at the very end by some self-satisfied infodump. Maybe they'll fix the lighting at some point too. You also have to appreciate how they used the clown posse as the cliffhanger twice in a row. Last week, they showed up to announce to the audience that they were hanging around before futzing away again. This week, they showed up to announce to the characters that they're hanging around before futzing away.

And yet, they compared favorably to the monster of the week, Skeleton Pope, who went down the same way everything in this show does; to the characters announcing how special and dangerous the monster is, before charging straight at it and hitting it in the face. You'd think they'd have used the opportunity to showcase the new characters they introduced, even if it was just to have them job to it, but nah. They just got to be part of the parade of face-punchers. That whole cabinet bit also deserves some kind of award for the most bizarre non sequitur filler scene of any show I've seen in a long time, and considering the competition, that's an achievement. 

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