Darling Still Nowhere Near Any Franxx #17 — STDs

May 12th, 2018


This is why you use a body condom.


No doubt lots of hay will be made of the last four minutes of the episode. Characters had sex after all! Such maturity. What a relationship. We can't even get past the main relationship yelling "I do in fact care about you," so much that we had to repeat it. I'm not exactly invested in the sidepieces, especially when one's personality is grumbly angst, and the other's is boundless compassion. Kill one of them to send the other into a murderous rage and then we can talk. Hell, predicate their relationship on anything at all. Let them be the focus of the episode. Develop a character. If this is supposed to be a coming of age story, then… wait, I see the bad sex pun right there. Forget it.

But as I said at the start, basically everything that 'happens' this week happens in the closing minutes of the show, leaving the lion's share of the episode to be basically the same as last week; the teenagers cheerfully twee-ing around, mostly talking about how great things are and how blessed their life is. That one smug outsider showed up to smug around with his smug entourage (who immediately disappeared). Hiro's caught the horns, whatever that means for him since it's still not even totally clear what it means for 02 or how it's a detriment. And, uh… boy, that sure was an eventful 17 minutes, wasn't it? "Hey, here's some stuff. Go… make something of it. Maybe we will, eventually, or just forget it like we do half this crap." Perhaps next week, an actual monster will show up, and if we're even luckier, it won't be The Terror of Teen Pregnancy.

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  • Anonymous says:

    just how much sex happened?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow este capitulo fue de lo más loco, todo un desmadre, jeje.