Darling Nowhere Near the Franxx #16 — Not-A-Beach Episode… Redux

May 5th, 2018


Move forward. Move forward.


Now that we've finished the arc of Hiro accepting 02's horrible past, rejecting a muggle relationship, and accepting her, then having a beach episode before going on to do the exact same thing again, that means that it's time for another beach episode, right? Psyche. It's time for a not-a-beach-episode. You know, where they just kind of hang around, take a bath, go fishing, eat outside, have a campout… but at home, not the beach. Bold new ground we're covering here.

And they're so subtle a mere 8ish episodes from the end talking about how happy they are and how wonderful and full of awesomeness life is. I mean, sure, we could've talked about the giant hand, but we've got tears to shed about the glory of being a teenager; a stark contrast to the last four months of tears being shed about the pain of being a teenager. Maybe we need to find a bit more of a range of ways to react to things besides sobbing over them. Or maybe just stop boring me with interminable voice overs as we pan over scenery.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Something says:

    This show really didn’t need over 12 episodes.

  • sp33 says:

    Let the killing begin.