Cutie Honey Universe #08 — Fatalism

May 27th, 2018


Even the tentacles were pretty unnoteworthy.


Another pretty mopey/pointless episode. Natsuko mopes around for most of it, she and Honey go out on a not-date date, she marches off to be the designated damsel in distress, Honey effortlessly offs Ursula the sea witch in the standard fashion; ie speedlines in speedline dimension. Perhaps the thing that annoys the most is how perfunctory the whole shebang is. Natsuko and Tarantula both pretty much spend the whole thing fatalistically going "Well, this is how things are supposed to go, and who are we to stand in the way of things?" Take some self-esteem classes, you two. You're not even MacGuffins at this point. Those drive the plot. How does Natsuko being captive even change anything? Now it's personal? Natsuko hasn't exactly been a rock that Honey relies on such that removing her makes any difference. Hell, she barely showed up for the first half of the show, and when she did, it was for throwaway jokes.

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