Cutie Honey Universe #06 — Mass Murder… Maybe?

May 13th, 2018


Some blood splatter or decapitations would've made this episode much clearer.


It certainly seems like it spent the first half gruesomely murdering 99% of the people in the school, what with the random body parts laying around and people jammed into walls. But at the same time, it's making firework jokes as people are being 'blown up,' so I'm not even sure that they're actually dead or just temporarily inconvenienced by being jammed partially into the floor. Hell, even catching one of the bombs leaves the dude-girl face down in a river with some burns on her back. It's not even clear whether or not she's dead. Similarly, Honey reacts with the same "They'll pay for this!" that she has for everything from taking hostages to running guns to being denied the last donut for breakfast. Also, it's episode 6.

As always, the action animation sucking wasn't helping matters either, but for an ostensibly 'big' episode, there were some particularly embarrassing moments. Sister Jill dog paddling in speedline world set some kind of new record for things that I can't believe anybody would ever do, let alone then animate. And that's after she does the token villain "ha ha, I'm just immune to attacks" thing. This episode certainly could've been a turning point for the show where things get a little more serious, but it failed to show that it was actually committing to that or what exactly would be changing besides maybe not having the random school interstitial bits now and then.

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One Lonely Comment

  • kenuran says:

    This show I swear…

    This episode is pretty much the reason why superheroes typically have a secret identity. Main character has all these disguise abilities but she never thinks to use one of them as secret identity while fighting against an organization filled with ruthless killers. Now all her un-named friends are dead cause the bad guys probably just asked a few people on the street where does Honey usually hang out at.

    Also that speedline dimension crap really ruins every action scene it shows up in. Whats wrong with fighting on the ground? Everyone is just flying around in this weightless space where you can’t tell how the characters are even supposed to even move around let alone attack each other.