Cutie Honey Universe #05 — Speedline Elephants

May 6th, 2018


Do they have any plans that make any sense?


Oh, neat. The animation is falling apart so as to better match the writing. This week's grand plan is to take a bunch of hostages, but they'll be CGI mannequins, so we have to spend literally minutes going on and on about how they're not mannequins and actually people who are still alive. You know, as opposed to the fully human hostages sitting right there, as well as all the other hostages that they've taken in almost every single other episode. But those don't eat up precious minutes of the show that could be spent doing anything of value, like whipping Honey.

And, of course, it takes only a moment to send them both into the speedline dimension away from all the hostages anyway. Also, the speedline dimension is now a circus, because that's a thing that the antagonists do now. There's even elephants somehow, because the budget is gone, and we can't just rerun the same scene without an elephant, can we? I've also skipped over the initial plan to conduct an illegal arms deal in front of a cop and a thirteen year old, and how the investors were quite literally fighting over who gets to run the most guns. Can we add a six year old to the writer's room to review the scripts and veto things that make no sense? Please?

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