Caligula #07 — Hurry Up and Do Nothing

May 20th, 2018


Was this supposed to be the social link episode, minus the social and links?


What an absolute garbage pile of an episode. I don't even know how one would go about even thinking about defending this episode from anything other than a purely production-minded standpoint, in that you'd have to optimistically assume that the complete lack of effort that went into it on every front, from writing to animation to music, means that some future episode will be that much better. Or the pessimist might believe that this is the price for last week's better-than-usual-but-still-not-actually-strong episode. Either way, this episode was blatant filler, attempting nothing, accomplishing nothing, and trying to upsell nothing.

The protagonists spend the entire thing sitting around, cooking and talking about cooking. The antagonists spend the entire thing sitting around, talking about how they're sitting around. Mu and Ritsu are off in some pocket dimension where she reiterates how she's going to make everyone happy, and instead of making any kind of argument against it, forcing some actual thought into matters, or making her escalate how aggressively she'll enforce 'happiness', he spends the whole thing hemming and hawing; stammering until time's up. Perhaps most insultingly is the line the episode goes out on, "It's time to do something." You think, dumbasses? Our plan of sitting around doing nothing, going through the motions of a fake life for the benefit of fake people, ignoring all the others that are still trapped in the fake world wasn't panning out?  

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  • The Phantom says:

    How about giving it another try to Steins gate zero, is imo the best show of the season.