Caligula #06 — Playing Catchup

May 13th, 2018


Right result, not exactly the best execution.


Like CHU's episode, I'm not entirely sure how to take this. It was kind of like playing catchup and getting to where it probably should be after six episodes with the entire main cast now awakened and using their powers to take the fight to the bad guys, who are still actually fighting back, including Mu going fully berserk and the world at least seemingly turning from utopia to shattered wasteland in a few crazed orbital blasts. If it actually sticks going forward (which the ending seems to indicate it won't), that'll definitely be a good direction going forward. Not that that's saying much. Basically anything is better than high school stuff.

It all happens so abruptly though, and for not much of a reason. Aria gets smacked, so one of them gives an agonized grunt, thereby all of them grunt and bam, powers for everybody. The fighting also wasn't any better than mediocre, but after Cutie Honey, and set to the continued solid soundtrack, especially, weirdly, the insert songs, it's not the worst thing out there. The awakenings would've worked much better had they come as part and parcel of the previous episodes actually focused on the characters, even if some handwavey excuse had to be made for then taking them away.  

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