Sinners Waltz With Wyrms #03 — Also, There’s Ninjas

April 19th, 2018


Because of course there are.


Dragon Thursday is having some issues. Or I guess just continuing to have them, since neither show has put forth a particularly strong episode yet. I guess you could make an argument that this was the most focused episode of this series yet. It constrained the random dragon parts to a brief bit towards the start and very end, allowing the conspiracy to actually be where the underwhelming action scene came from. Which means that the only focus on the dragon part this week, so far the only interesting thing going on, was them going "Huh. This woman is so mysterious and confusing. Whoever could she be?" It's not a good look when you won't shut up about how great a mystery is when it was patently obvious to the audience from the word go.

But I guess at least the climax of the episode was actually sort of connected to almost everything else they spent blathering about. And blather they continued to do. Christ, the dialogue in this show remains awful. Dude busts into a room, yelling about how it's an emergency and they need to evacuate, then spends the next minute reviewing how he's a bodyguard, and it's a bodyguard's duty to guard the bodies of important people, because if important people do not have their bodies guarded, then there could be consequences, such as war. At the end of it, every character in the room chimes in about not only how correct he is, but how insightful and selfless he is. It's like a Mary Sue parody, only the writer's not in on his own joke.

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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You missed the entire point of the episode – to have the elf girl bend over and show her cleavage…