Not-Moneyball #01 — “Make Sure You Work the Title Into the Script”

April 6th, 2018


"If you get it in there at least a dozen times, you get a bonus."


I think this is what you get when you have someone who has never watched an actual baseball game, only baseball shows, sets out to make a realistic baseball show. You could almost make a case for it being a parody, the drama is so overblown and silly. Not like Major League though. More like Dragonball. Where everyone has a power level in their salary cap, which the show won't stop blathering about, and if your salary cap is higher than the guy you're up against, then failing against them is an instant end to your career. And then there's the foul bunt, which was accompanied by about five paragraphs explaining the title to the show, followed by ritualistic chanting of the title, as everyone in the stadium was shocked that a pitcher would have the vim to try to catch a foul ball. Or maybe there's the shouting and panic over an infield fly.

I guess it's somewhat different from other sports shows, and that's probably to be lauded. That's as far as I'm willing to go though. It doesn't do anything to make baseball, the characters, or the story amusing or interesting ala Major League or Friday Night Lights, just obliviously attempts to Dragonball it up with pseudo power levels and auras. I feel like the humor I can derive from the juxtaposition of that and trying to be extra down to earth has already run its course, especially as the second half wore on and it switched from the internal peanut gallery in his head doing narration to the peanut gallery sitting in the press box doing the same damn thing… while the peanut gallery's peanut gallery was narrating the peanut gallery's status. 

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