Mawking in the Wangst #15 — Extra Credit Given For Attendance

April 21st, 2018


Way to show up, Hiro.


Gee, that was quick. No sooner is she gone than they're faced with the greatest and most disastrous threat ever, which comes to a perfunctory conclusion thanks ot the power of yelling about how much you care. Which is almost a shame, because the animators woke from their comas and decided to genuinely try this episode. Like, seriously put in a pretty solid job of it too. So if Hiro hadn't been a sack of garbage, literally standing at a window melancholically, clutching his fist in helplessness, this could've been the turning point for him and the ostensible relationship that is supposed to form the core of the show which should have come about ten episodes ago… and in all fairness, did, until they decided to unring the bell.

Alas, as usual, the dramatic elements turned on Hiro doing the absolute bare minimum; staring at unfolding events like a stunned goat for twenty minutes before yelling "I do care about you!" and that's enough to wrap everything up with a bow on top. So much so that they're taking next week off to recover. Flashbacks continue to fly around as haphazardly as shrapnel, skipping over any kind of sense or development and just inserting audience knowledge directly into characters who immediately give up everything they previously felt, and let's also not forgot that this whole tantrum of 02's is predicated on absolutely nothing. At best, that flashbacks suddenly changed her from manic pixie girl to manic-depressive pixie girl. But he said he cared about her… again… so I guess this arc is now wrapped up, until the next one is also invariably that someone abruptly gets insecure. Hell if I could tell you what we accomplished. If only the giant hand at the end had crushed them, then we might have some finality.   

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  • jgoi says:

    Thanks for covering this so I don’t have to waste my time.

  • The Phantom says:

    The fact that you are still watching is a good compliment, I believe this at least is decent. I liked that cores were made of humans babies, that was a pretty interesting part.