Cutie Honey Universe #03 — Date Night

April 22nd, 2018


I really miss Re: Natsuko.


Gee, I guess the honeymoon's really over. This episode was pretty terrible, but the worst was probably how the action went from hopping around in bad speedline world to just being immediately one-shot… in bad speedline world. And this was done via flashback, just after Jill declared "Aha! Now she's fallen into my trap!" What was the trap here, exactly? To lure Honey to a place where you had absolutely nothing set up and waiting for her, send the weakest dude directly at her, and call it a day? That was your master plan for this week? Why was Natsuko even involved at all? So she can somehow pretend to be the brains of the show by being the only one able to put two and two together with Genet and Jill? You're throwing a lot of eggs into a very stupid basket there. A third of the Natsukos, and I think 100% of the lesbian schoolgirl ones, don't survive their series. That's at least a thought to keep me warm.

The rest of the episode was more irritation than not; centering on another bunch of side characters who are just there for 'comic' relief, every punchline being falling over and declaring that what happened was a subversion of expectations. Even if a joke was passable, and I'm not saying any where this week, stopping every time you make it to explain what the joke only serves to drive me up the wall. 

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  • jgoi says:

    I’m done with this unless the BDs want to show more of these girls like the ATX endcards.