Grancrest War #12 — More Standing Around Tables

March 30th, 2018


Welp, I'm out.


This is where we part ways, show. After a week off to do review and recap, following a month of talking heads sitting around tables, you come right back to the exact same thing. The occasional random battle of quite literally random people for no stakes and needing yet more people sitting around table to provide the barest measure of context isn't going to cut it. The former protagonists are barely even bit players in what's supposedly their own story. The whole premise about chaos and monsters is lost to the winds, along with the vampires, werewolves, and about a dozen random characters you introduced, but have thrown out to settle on the dullest, most indistinguishable ones around. Individual episodes lack any cohesion or direction, it's hard to tell where the overall story is supposed to be going aside from some kind of indistinct "war is happening… around somewhere… unless, of course, a monster spawns", and it's even harder to care since there's little to no personal investment from any of the characters, just high minded nonsense that makes no sense and isn't followed through on anyway.

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