GARO – Vanishing Line #23 — Enable Wireframe Mode

March 23rd, 2018


Why did Gina's bow turn into a car again?


Leaving aside the almost comically godawful direction of the cliffhanger, probably about as good an episode as one could hope for to basically close things out. The music, especially the track used for the victory lap/ED, was really on point, the action was full of punching, kicking, stabbing, and shooting, a thoroughly unsurprising speech about trying your bestest was made segueing into everyone turning their fights around, so on and so forth. Sword really should've been a lot more beaten up before giving said speech, as should have the rest of Team Good Guy. At the very least, he should've been beaten up at all. They could've gotten a real Undertale-esque victory bit going (it's the music) had they moved Sophie taking down the system to concurrent with the speech, rather than as part of the victory lap. Could've at least given the impression that the comeback started/turned on her, which is something that she's needed to actually live up to her supposed central role in things. It was a nice victory lap though.

Also, while we're at things that should've been done differently, the thing about needing Sophie's DNA to access the system? That should've been introduced like three or four goddamned months ago. That was a perfect excuse for so much, especially if you toss in the monsters having accidentally screwed things up (or her brother intentionally sabotaged them even, since lord knows, he was awful) by corrupting/eating her brother. And would've given her a real reason to be angsty had she been used to boot up the (off-screen) apocalypse. Lizzy also really should've had a big moment. At least, something bigger than pulling a shield out of her ass and being the dedicated voice of further ass-pulling exposition. Like, say, taking on Ol' Whose-Its, who just kind of wandered off after his big part in the episode, announcing a rain of spiders. Aren't we supposed to be betraying the super monster to take all its power for ourself or something along those lines? That's what monsters in business suits do.

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