Grancrest War #08 — The Flashback Nobody Asked For

February 23rd, 2018


Holy hell, has this show fallen off a cliff. It wasn't even that exciting to begin with.


We get a goddamned second episode about the blonde wavy haired enemy of drains, this time mainly flashbacks to how that stupid wedding at the very start of the show came about, from the point of view of another blone wavy haired enemy of drains, but with boobs. If you want to focus down onto a single character and tell a story about then, great! More shows should do that! But there's not a story here. No doubt it considers this some kind of tragic star crossed romance, particularly the way they keep announcing that it is. But nobody is doing jack. It's just a particularly contrived meet-cute with neither the meet nor the cute, then stretched out to try to fill nearly 15 minutes. Romeo and Juliet weren't tragic lovers because they were too insecure about the political situation or their feelings to even bother to try to get together. It would've made that play a hell of a lot shorter, and the balcony scene probably would've started with something more like "But soft, what light through yonder window… Whoa, that window looks pretty high. And I don't think I'm even supposed to be here. Oh no, is it past curfew!?" And even despite all that, it's not like she has an Iago whispering in her ear or something. She's just holding an indistinct grudge against… someone somewhere. There's nothing at all anywhere.

Speaking of the present time, what are our main characters doing? What is the current action going on in the present? Recap. They're sitting around a table, summarizing the handwaving that they did in the background for why things mattered. We're repeating what was already handwaving through more handwaving. Good bloody god.

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