Grancrest War #04 — “Are We the Bad Guys?”

January 26th, 2018


I don't know. Are you in stormtrooper suits, fighting plucky rag tag soldiers, yet being slaughtered at every turn?


I keep waiting for someone to ask the question "What exactly does this have to do with saving the people from monsters?" But then we remember that the good guys all have patchwork armor, if any at all, and faces. While the bad guys are clad head to toe in black armor and face-obscuring helmets. Every single one of them except for the minibosses. So it's clear who the bad guys are despite one side being slaughtered at every turn while the other mainly takes injuries offscreen. Which they make a big deal about, then someone remembers "Oh yeah, we have a white mage."

I guess at least they're continuing to animate the battles, and the character beats this week weren't nearly as godawful as last week. The plot continues to be handwavey nonsense. It really needs to do a much better job setting up these fights as well as giving a reason to care about the characters in them, to say nothing of not being one-sided slaughter after one-sided slaughter. Hell, Theo and Siluca basically didn't even show up to the fight at all this week. Their job was apparently to quibble over the trivialities of how exactly the alliance with Some Dude was going to work. And even that was mostly about how Some Dude would be off doing his own thing somewhere else.

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  • Neclord X says:

    Wow, they built and lost an empire on 5 episodes, and this is 24 episodes long.