GARO – Vanishing Line #14 — Haircut of Character Growth

January 19th, 2018


Oh no. Not the man-braid.


Like previous Luke-centric episodes, this suffers most from Luke being a profoundly uninteresting character with the charisma of boiled cauliflower. His 'epiphany' or whatever you want to call that speech at the end was, came out of absolutely nowhere and had no connection to anything else that went on in the episode. Hell, I'm not even sure how we got from "vision of horror killing people" to "makai knight who went Sith." It did tie in with his overall stuff, but they once again flubbed an opportunity to work up to it, instead filling the time with a spunky obnoxious sidekick and bad attempts at humor approaching Looney Tunes level of hazard to live and limb. The amnesia rain ending also left a bad taste in my mouth, as do all reset endings. Nothing traumatic even happened to anybody that would've required it in the first place, and it just drives home in the closing seconds how pointless this episode was.

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