Zodiac War #11 — Cut Content

December 12th, 2017


Visually and dramatically.


I guess we're just not going to be getting the backstories at all for Ox and Rabbit then. Not that I wanted yet more long flashbacks, but we spent two goddamned episodes on Dragon/Snake, and can't even spare two minutes for the principals? Okay. Sure. Jury's still out on Rat, but with an entire episode left and only one boring soporific piece of dullness left alive, I can't imagine we won't be getting a full twenty minutes in the life of an angsty mopey teenager, moping around town. I didn't expect a big blowout fight after about 80% of them to date had been just anticlimatic, but good god. Monkey just pins Ox and oops, guess that means fight's over. Time to throw in the towel and blow ourselves up, letting the sack of whiney garbage who spent the whole thing hiding win.

That in itself is bad enough, but then they spent the rest of the episode trying to rationalize how in actuality but never seen, Rat was going through (but also not) all kinds of other parallel realities. Normally, when someone has that kind of super ultimate power, the end result is to use it to sacrifice themself for the greater good. That works dramatically. Great power, great responsibility, etc. Hell, even just using it could've made things interesting. Every episode could've been one of the realities where Rat helps each in turn, always getting killed for it, leaving the audience to piece together that they're all 'happening' (but not). But no. Of course not. Why do anything interesting when you can hand the trophy to a spectator and then spend five minutes explaining how clever you are. Eat a butt, writers.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • datch says:

    i dont think rabbit or ox had backstories in the source, but all the stories were expanded past the paragraph or 3 they had. the twins at most had a page or 2.

  • Dr. Pest says:

    This was one of the worst semifinal episodes I’ve ever seen. I was always about to fall asleep while Ox was talking to himself and talking and talking and talking and talking – really?
    How incredibly exciting. At least show and don’t tell and explain every fucking mundane thing or give this series a villain that talks back at least to get an actual conversation, but we only have boring zombies and a even more boring never-do-anything winner.

    I am really only still watching this for the almost scientifical reason to see how bad it can get.
    – Juuni Tausen, killing through boredom – would be a better title for this show.

  • The Phantom says:

    How surprising, Rat won, silly ending spoiled it all.