Whale Babies #11 — Wonder Twins

December 17th, 2017


Is there any lunatic yelling from a cliff that the villagers won't nod along with?


I enjoy that it wasn't Chakuro yelling or running that alerted her to his presence while she was whispering, it was the wind blowing, causing his papers to rustle. And that he immediately ran off to sob in a corner. Wait, no. That's not wholly accurate. Sob in a corner in the rain. That would be the entirety of what any character did this week. It's not moving towards any kind of conclusion. It had like… three conversations, one consuming half the goddamned episode in antagonist land, iterating out various things and having a dick measuring contest over who gets to be the big antagonist, and then the Wonder Twins staged a little pseudo revolt that was immediately knocked off track by Ouni just plopping down to angst in the middle of it. Literally. He just appears out of thin air, and just stands there, smoldering with angst while the scene drags on from four minutes to five. 

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