Whale Babies #10 — Wherein the Writers Stop Trying

December 10th, 2017


I'm not sure how much they were trying in the first place, so perhaps completely stop is more accurate.


Boy, this episode reeks of… Well, I'd say jumping the shark, but that might give the mistaken impression that it was passable before. Mostly, I'm curious about how they seem to have already completely recovered from not one, but two purges on their stupid little island even before 'burying' their dead. All the infrastructure is totally fine, and the village isn't just populated, but crowded with people and life. It's almost like all these randos they keep killing off don't count at all. One might think that nobody on the staff is paying any attention. But wonder not, because the rest of the episode is right there to back up that theory by being more or less comic relief schlock and then the traditional WONDER AT THE WONDERMENT OF OUR SETTING through swelling music and technicolor explosion, mostly of CGI birds.

They faff around for half the episode, then literally goddamned everybody takes a bath for some comic relief before some other whale people stumble onto them, it now being a weekly event despite never happening ever before. These people are here for yet more comic relief, both by having the imbeciles we know wander up naked to them without realizing it somehow, but also by being utter imbeciles themselves. And that's it for them this episode. They introduce these new people, flash some dicks at them, and do some bad jokes about food. I guess I can't fault it for being inconsistent as far as the imbecile factor goes. Also, the magic pet rabbit is a manifestation of the island demigod or whatever. Because of course it is.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tiresias says:

    Let it go, man.

    This shit can’t be good for your health. Like, pretty sure you’ve dropped less shitty shows than this.

    • Aroduc says:

      I _know_ that I have. I can’t imagine it’s ending in a couple weeks, but I can’t imagine I’ll be continuing with it to next season either. Even next week is iffy since my saved-up vaction days/annual winter work hiatus begins this week and I’ll hopefully find something less boring/infuriating to do with my time.