Whale Babies #09 — Bringing an Imbecile to a Gun Fight

December 3rd, 2017


Oh, are we visiting the clock dimension this week?


Most of this episode was spent piffling over the death of a character who I can not actually tell you for certain whether or not he even existed prior to this episode. His death comes as a complete surprise, of course, because he jumped into the middle of a circle of people with guns and declared his own invincibility. This made Ouni start throwing around death frisbees, one of which hit the whalemind, sending forth an explosion of hands, eyeballs, and protoplasm, launching them into assorted spirit realms. And by them, I mean only the primary characters of course. Not even the same spirit realm. Some went to the edge of the sand river Styx to really milk that death for all it was worth. Some went to the clock dimension for hugs, infodumps, and fireworks with the whalemind. Then they all just futzed away home. What a satisfying end to this idiotic little adventure.

So if you're keeping score, this 'attack' that they spent a month building up, and most of a month gradually plodding its way through involved a suicide rush at the whale room, whereupon they sat there, either grieving over the shocking deaths resulting from suicidal stupidity, or being droned at by a metaphysical chunk of gooey rock filled with hands while high as a kite on hallucinogens. And we're supposed to be rooting for these protagonists why, again? 

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