Zodiac War #09 — Cat Scratch Fever

November 28th, 2017


Someone found some spare change for the budget.


A little late to be mixing things up, don't you think, show? I'm not counting Dragon's unceremonious dispatching at the start. That definitely should've come last week, and god only knows why it didn't. Would've made a far better cliffhanger than him doing recap. This was, by title and by Chinese zodiac numbering, supposed to be Rabbit's episode. Instead, we got Tiger's flashback and backstory. It was better than most, in that it had some form of character development (well, fall), but fell apart at the end with a very long philosophical monologue about mostly how dumb she got. Kind of missing the point there, guys, huh? It also apparently decided to put off Ox's part in her backstory until Ox's story.

Eventually, in the last couple minutes, when things finally got back to the present, it found its big boy pants and went all out with the animation for the fight, which was probably as impressive as it's been, albeit brief, and CGI corpsicles notwithstanding. Would that the same went into Rabbit's 'death,' which was just a splattering of bits. Not that I think the controller of the dead would be offed by something as simple as dismemberment, especially while his Monkey corpse is still wandering around, and especially without his own obligatory flashback episode. But the writing's been overall weak enough so far, with essentially no twists or turns to… well, anything… that expecting even a slight obvious one at this point almost feels foolish.  

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear2Ax says:

    There’s no backstory for the rabbit on the source material. I thought they would invent something for the anime but that wasn’t the case. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

    • The Phantom says:

      I appears to me that the “Rabbit” we currently see has been dead all along, and was a “resurrected” from the beginning, the back-from-the-tomb Monkey’s face and Rabbit’s face are awful similar, the real Rabbit (if it even has a physical body) may be still somewhere. Anyway never read the source material so just speculating.

  • The Phantom says:

    ye rabbit knew all along he stand no chance against Ox, so it is probably trying to overwhelm him with an army of dead, he will surely auto resurrect himself via monkey and catch them off guard. Rat appearing last in the ending means he is going to win, which is BS because he has done nothing so far.

    • DmonHiro says:

      Anyone who knows the zodiac order knew Rat was going to win. As for Rabbit, he was a shit fighter. There was no way he was going to win against anyone else without at least one zombie. Had he not killed Snake before the battle started Boar would have shredded him.

      • Yyi says:

        Curious to know why Monkey or Rooster wasn’t sent in to combat Tiger and Ox first before Rabbit went for the kill. Pretty sure he would’ve gotten some backup instead of rushing in for the kill.

        That aside, I wonder what happens to all his zombified minions now that Rabbit is in pieces.

  • ark noir says:

    didn’t like this episode, but had to laugh at the evolution of tiger from plucky teenage girl to Hanma Yujiro with tits plus how she learned the drunken tiger style……pissed up on all fours on the pavement.

  • Nyttah says:

    I didn’t read the manga, only viewing the anime… And I was thinking, the rabbit’s eyes are the same color as the zombies’ ones. It is because of his powers, or cause he is dead as well?
    Pherhaps the rat is gonna win, if they decide to follow the chinese zodiac mith…. Where the rat deceive the ox, and arrive first in the sky.