Zodiac War #07 — Arm Bar

November 14th, 2017


Boy, you can sure talk a lot while being strangled, can't you?


I'm not sure what I was hoping for or expecting with an episode where the character of the week was already dead, and his pal has been literally MIA ever since the first episode. Probably some kind of reveal on how Rabbit's power works and/or signaling that the controlled weren't fully totally dead or something. And maybe that will come, but not this week. It wasn't one of the stronger episodes at any rate, but it did raise a few interesting things, so I'll still put it above certain weekend shows that can't seem to manage even that much. The Snake/Dragon past was as boring/dumb as ever. They're thieves. They thief things. The end. They aren't even that into flames or… flying, I guess? I assume Dragon's tank is Mr. Freeze stuff, but all he does is fly and announce that he's the older brother. Constantly. Incessantly. Oh, and I guess at least one of them can fly, which is revealed to be where he's been hanging out the entire series. I guess the enormous flock of birds simply never noticed Some Guy Hovering. Also, I'm like 139% certain that flame throwers, even magic ones, aren't powered by liquor.

But I did say there were a few interesting things. For whatever reason, Rabbit couldn't (or wouldn't?) reanimate Horse. Also, where the hell did his clothing go? He apparently showed up fully dressed. There was also a bit about Monkey messing around with her power underneath the main area, which would suggest that she was the one behind it collapsing, seemingly scuttling her own plans. If there is some kind of connection between Rabbit and his corpses (and the way he talks to them, I wouldn't be surprised), he'd have known via Snake, which could flesh out into his (slight) obsession with her. Or I'm just theorizing a far more interesting show. I'm not counting Tiger/Ox as having some kind of past among the interesting things though. They've (seemingly) ditched the previous connections they've brought up (eg Boar ruining Monkey's peace talks), and the backstory stuff was pretty much all downhill from Boar's anyway. As soon as he started blathering on about how he'll accept whatever handicap she wants to fight him, the eyes rolled back in the head quite a lot. Granted, if they continue to stick to the Chinese Zodiac order for offing characters, he comes after her (and after Rabbit), but still, eh. Why even pull that crap at all?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    The Dragon/Snake backstory had to be one of the worst backstories ever. Did they ask a 6 year old write it?

  • The Phantom says:

    “which would suggest that she was the one behind it collapsing” No it would not suggest anything, Rat clearly asked her why she collapsed the building and she replied something like to protect everyone, it is implied was to protect them from the Sheep bomb which I am not sure how it works but was focused before he died so it is likely going to have another use later.