Zodiac War #06 — Pride Goeth Before the Fall

November 7th, 2017


At least their idiocy is quickly paid for with death.


An uncharitable read of the first half would be that these deaths were supposed to come two/one week(s) ago, but in an effort to shake up the formula, were pushed back to here, re-locking the formula in, unfortunately. Perhaps either would've been a little more surprising had either Ram or Monkey not just spent long internal monologues explaining how they had absolutely everything completely in hand and were at absolute advantages. Then again, this is Japanese media, and as often as not, that's just how things go. Still, for any sane author not just spouting the obvious, it's far from a twist that they'd then get gutted. I am a little surprised that they'd off Monkey so early since she seemed to be the obligatory 'good guy' of the bunch, but I was already pretty tired of her anyway, so no tears shed here. Probably makes it less likely for the inevitable "The real final boss is the tournament itself," ending too, although I'm just moving that down from a 80% to a 50% chance. Also, why the hell was Snake's head the trump card there? Did we forget to make a claim that Rabbit has no object permanence or something?

The second half was closer to the normal though. Ox was the character of the week with a not particularly interesting backstory about being a soldier who wanted to be invulnerable. At least it was brief, had some action, and not any real melodrama. I'd rather have had that than more of Rat's teenage angsty rambling nonsense. And then he unceremoniously died (probably) because Snake set his panic vault on fire, having not planned for the possibility that being in an enclosed space among people with explosives and/or a match, let alone a flamethrower, might somehow work against him. Now if only it'd kill Rat so we can be done with him forever.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • abc says:

    What do flames consume while burning in an closed room? or create while burn?

  • Yyi says:

    I think you meant Horse (instead of Ox) as character of the week.

  • ark noir says:

    next week should be emo raiden’s metal gear solid backstory before he dies and how he got his samurai sword and those zany abilites……sorry I meant rat

  • The Phantom says:

    The ending song shows the character IN THE ORDER THEY DIE!!! Lol in other words Rat wins, dumbest spoiler ever!