Whale Babies #08 — The Gropening

November 26th, 2017


Spectral hands reaching up to grab at the souls of the dead would freak me out, but that's just me.


I would say that it's impressive how with three events sort of going on simultaneously, they spent the entire focus on the two involving the least important characters, and made any real progress on only one of the three. First, there's the greater overall battle, featuring nothing but nameless characters/clowns dying at each other. That was characterized by the aforementioned ghost hands, which since apparently everyone can hear the soothing music, know are here for good. We would come back to a bunch of literal randos quibbling in the middle of a fight over whose fanclub was the best. The second was the fight between Crazy, Suou, and Eyepatch. That involved a spontaneous Suou flashback… into Crazy's backstory (spoiler: he was bullied), and then he ran off to fall off a cliff, the most final of all possible deaths. Lastly, we have the bit containing all the main characters. That was I'd estimate about three minutes of the entire episode. Lykos steps out of hiding, Ouni takes the head dude hostage, letting them escape, but instead, they simply move towards the exit and then stand there. 

They're going to stretch out this little 'invasion' for the rest of the season, aren't they?

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One Lonely Comment

  • ark noir says:

    It’s impossible for these bad guys to kill ouni as every time they go to do it, they had to make a point of monologuing why he has to die. Pinky’s death was laughable with the kids shooting him, but I did like how pinky had his emotions not taken, but enhanced by accident.