Whale Babies #07 — Hurry Up and Wait

November 19th, 2017


First we need to prepare, then we need an insert song to prepare, then we wait.


Finally time for the attack to finally start, right? Not until after a couple minutes of boarding, followed by an entire insert song set to stills of people huddled up and looking pensive. And then someone shouts "Begin the attack!" about a third of the way into the episode. One wonders if anybody on staff even wanted to get to the clownfight at all. Clearly, whoever was in charge of the battle music this week did, but that's just one guy with a guitar. At least he did his very best. That's not sarcasm at all. I think that short guitar battle track may have been the highlight.

It's hard to feel particularly satisfied with the episode though, even with some clown murder coming back. It got as far as setting up some things, but ye gods, setting things up is what the last month of the damn show has been. More convincingly imminent that something important will happen soon, as firing squad execution and swords to the throat are wont to be, but both were just the protagonists and antagonists switching places, and killing a nobody/group of nobodies to say "it's serious" before the episode ends. And that's with the first third of the episode being blatant padding. We could've gone into the damn OP with these cliffhangers, or the commercial break at the very least. Even when this show is picking up the pace, it's still crawling like a snail.

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  • ark noir says:

    That nihilist elder really wanted to die.