Whale Babies #06 — Sand Throwing Party

November 12th, 2017


Yawn. Bring back the clowns.


I guess at least we're spending less time in the absolute bore's head. That's sort of an improvement. The story continues to utterly stagnate though. We give Whose Her Face new clothes, we sit around having a chatsie, we have a flashback where we have a chatsie, and then we have a sand shower party. I'm not sure I could point to a single conversation in this episode (because the episode was nothing but a bunch of random conversations) and say "Yeah, this will definitely be important going forward." Everyone's just bumming around, waiting for the next clown encounter. Supposedly soon, but not this week. And I'm not putting good odds for next week either.

I try to think back to when I started blogging and I honestly don't remember being at a complete loss every week to even say what happened. Maybe it's rose colored glasses. Maybe I just watched a lot more T&A harem things. Where has all the plot gone? In everything.


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