GARO – Vanishing Line #07 — Kung Fu Nun

November 17th, 2017


You were too good for this world.


Another pretty boring episode to be honest. I guess this is supposed to be the main plot finally starting to kick in, but even within this episode, it took its sweet time doing so. Most of the episode is spent bumming around, but without any of the amusement of last week. The monster didn't really make sense, and we got the reveal about the guy being a monster back at the start, then he targets the orphanage, then they 'shockingly' reveal that a monster's targeting the orphanage. Maybe shuffle those around a bit and it could've worked, but as is oft the case with anime, I feel like things would've been nothing but improved had it started at the halfway point and just cut most of that early stuff out.

As for our seeming main protagonist, eh. He's a dark version of the good guys. Not winning any points for originality here. He's also so far a carbon copy of Sniper McWhoever as far as personality goes. He's another thing that probably could've been improved had they cut out the start; not shown him working with horrors and perhaps been some kind of super hardline merciless version of Sword and Pals, using straight up murder instead of convenient amnesia rain. Alas, he seems to be merely a grunt for Team Horror (probably the midboss for Luke to fight in the big finale) and an errand boy for the Mysterious Figure who's interested in Sophie. No idea who that could possibly be among the vast population of approximately one character in the show's entire known universe who even knows she exists.

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    “Luke – I am your father”…