GARO – Vanishing Line #05 — Close Your Eyes and Think of England

November 3rd, 2017


I feel bad for blowing my Harleen Weinstein tagline last week.

In case you're wondering what thrilling adventure Kino went on this week as her last ditch attempt to keep me vaguely interested, it was a rare two parter. In part one, she toured a museum. The twist is that it wasn't a museum at all, but "Some Boring Guy's House" where they acted like all his mundane crap was important. I decided that was enough. The second half seemed to be entirely about random nobodies sitting at tables, flatly announcing their backstories anyway. Adventure.


Although this is more of a Harvey Weinstein plus a side of Michael Jackson, although the latter existed solely in the form of random side chatter, and it was instead of the gross sexual harasser forcing themself on people who got top billing. And that was about as interesting as the episode got. We've already been introduced to these characters, if we're not going to have an interesting monster of the week, how about we do something with the characters or plot instead? No? Fantastic.

The monster of the week didn't even make much sense either. Some actress who thought she could control horrors, but was eaten by them… years ago. So started inviting kids and their parents over, and eating them too. She got away with it because she's rich. Somehow. I would postulate that there's a pretty important distinction in the visibility area between being a serial killer and a serial rapist/molester/creep, but we're not watching this for realism. Of course, with jack squat else going on in the episode, hell if I have any idea what else is worth even bringing up? How on the nose it is that the monster is a gaping, toothy vagina? No? Also fantastic.

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  • abc says:


    Oh Boy, this Men head can change his size very often. Is he an Magican or is that just the Hot Air inside his head rotating?