A Sister’s All You Need #08 — Self-Insert Pornography

November 26th, 2017


We're still banging the one drum because it's all we have, isn't it?


Ostensibly an episode about Miyako, but she was more of a stage prop than anything else. Besides, they still haven't figured out jack to do with her since the second episode, so it's just banging on about how she's unsure what to do with her life and jealous of the others. Her part in this story about her would be to… announce that for Part A, and then announce that again in Part B, before Whose-Its figures out the obvious, his temporary crush based on a damn D&D character sheet is abandoned, and the status quo is swiftly restored.

There's as much, if not better argument to be made that it was an episode for Nayu and Itsuki, since the whole thing was about them doing random stuff together, just interrupted with the occasional Miyako-based montage and/or monologue. Unfortunately, nothing particularly new or interesting happened there either, and even that was announced to make sure none in the crowd could possibly miss it. At the very least, the dual self-pity party could've done something dumb in a mutual moment of emotional weakness, but we're too scared of upsetting any possible shippers progress to even do that little.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I am surprised about how the sister is relegated to a secondary character. Based on the title you would believe it is all about her, but nope, barely even mentioned. I guess even the author knows that the premise about banging his sister is BS.