A Sister’s All You Need #05 — Writer’s Block

November 5th, 2017


The same thing as the last few episodes, but now with twenty straight minutes dedicated to nothing but it!


Oh boy, an episode with a laser like focus on the awful protagonist about how pathetic he is. He has writer's block, still, and then just writes his own whining as the character's by substituting verbs/nouns. But make sure to go on a tour of characters so they can all be fit in for at least one line, even if that requires dropping in on them for approximately 5 seconds in the bath.

I find myself kind of amazed that they haven't just taken the most obvious track for these jokes yet; that they let him write whatever kind of insane sister fetish things he wants and just remove them in editing/post-production. Given how authors are venerated by the mere dint of being authors, and how marketing of that variety seems to take place upfront to weed out the creatives rather than after the fact, I'd wager it's a cultural thing and doesn't even occur to them. Director's cut versions are probably boring as snot. The most 'interesting' thing about the episode is how they pushed the OP off to about 17 minutes in. And then played the ED about three minutes later. Comedy was as poor as ever, and didn't even have anybody fellating anything, so hell if I even know who it was supposed to appeal to. 

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