Zodiac War #05 — Old Man Plays With Dolls

October 31st, 2017


Excuse me, action figures.


I guess the animation budget picked up slightly, but the story managed to grind even further from a halt than last week's, and last week's moved barely inches. This week's could've used the cliffhanger as the pre-OP starting bit for all the progress it made. Monkey and Rabbit just trade a few random blows without any real conversation or progress, Snake and Rat are also doing the same, and Ram, the character of the week, spent the entire episode essentially doing recap and assigning random power levels to everybody. This is after an opening bit where they… did recap and assigned random power levels. I still have absolutely no idea why anybody thinks that Monkey's one of the strongest. I guess we learned that headless Snake uses vibrations without explicit exposition on that (yet), and Bunny Boy's twitchy crazy stares are a decent kind of insanity, but still. Come on. Let's have some damn progress.

Ram's backstory probably deserves at least some mention for how idiotic it was too, even among idiotic things. He's a past winner of one of these battle royales, apparently because it took place on a space station, and he found the only escape pod before blowing it up. So they could've focused on that. Of course, they didn't. Instead, he told bed time stories, played with fireworks, and things blew up in the distance. Why are we focusing on the least interesting parts here? Everything about him was awful though. He spent ages explaining his dumb plan, which is basically just "lie to someone and form a temporary truce", only to have it immediately scuttled. Ya think we could've skipped part of that, eh?

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