Zodiac War #03 — Bird Brain

October 17th, 2017


I guess at least no more episodes of Boar stumbling around.

I'll be out of town again Thursday through Sunday. I may or may not cover things sporadically depending on internet availability, likely while stuck in airports or during designated pre-drinking nap time, but don't hold your breath.


There could have been a pretty solid episode here. The seeds are there, at least enough for me to be a little annoyed and frustrated because I think that I know what they were going for. Which is to say that Chickenface was basically a complete sociopath characterized by having little to no long term memory or attachment to anybody/anything. Hell, go all out on that and just straight up Memento her. Play up the whole bird brain angle. In getting doped up on Dogface's superdrug, she revels in the physical whatever, using it to dispatch Boar. The classic tale of getting what you want, only to find it has a terrible price. The price, in this case, being that the heightened mental state breaks her usual twisted worldview, making her vulnerable, and then dead.

That's not the episode we got. Some motions of many of those things were there, but the above paragraph is almost all wishful thinking on seeds of things that might have been presented, but then require drastic leaps to get there. The closest to it is that is that she acts incredible erratically, declares that she's acting erratically, and sort of blames being drugged. She doesn't even use the drug to kill Boar. She sits in a corner and lets the birds do it. She barely even puts up a fight against Oxface, who immediately skewers her through the brain, not that that stops her from inner monologuing. Her backstory is only marginally better than Dog's, and the fights fall short a second week in a row while also continuing to be stuck to the same abrupt and ignominious death format. Let's shake that up, eh?

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon999 says:

    God, rooster looks like a slut.

  • The Phantom says:

    This was quite anticlimatic, she never used her gained strength, neither the birds, neither the trident, she just stood there and got killed.

  • The Phantom says:

    OMG you are losing the best show of the season, Kings Game, I dare, DARE you to try and watch episode 3 and not laugh (for the wrong reasons of course) is the most pathetic show I have seen in recent years, Just wow.

  • Anime Fan says:

    I really hate this episode! I bet big time on that chick-chicken! yet these happens! My next bet will be the rat. if it dies I will drop this! I mean stop betting! this anime is super cool!