Whale Babies #04 — Surfeit of Magical Girlfriends

October 29th, 2017


Boy, that harem went out of control quickly.


That was brief and unsatisfying. We're already pretty much entirely back to being trapped in Chakuro's head, yet still haven't addressed the issue of him being a profoundly pathetic sack of butts, and perhaps worse, still almost entirely passive. Random spunky imbecile leaps on him and declares herself to be the new girlfriend. Random waif leaps on him and sends him on a vision quest where he makes out with his dead girlfriend. Also featuring such deep insights like "guy who feels trapped by society/adults is in a cage," "angsty fighter dude is angsty and bloody," and "persecuted other girlfriend is burning." I'm not sure I have enough sarcasm to explain the difficulty of unpacking all that imagery.

Aaaand, that's kind of about it for the episode. Oh, sure, there was the exploration into the depths, but that was as unsatisfying as pretty much everything else in this show that doesn't involve mass murder. They encounter a mini-boss, and turn that into a gag about how goddamned idiotic the new girlfriend is, and we're talking singularity levels of dense. They encounter a boss, who just walks past them to fight someone else… off-screen. They encounter some… thing, and the episode ends with them all gasping about it. The only part our protagonist really contributed to was in elevating the stupidity. Great job, Chakuro. Way to be a hero.

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  • abc says:

    Did you notice it? This Gigant Stone Ship of them has an real Ship stuck on the side… i wonder why