GARO – Vanishing Line #04 — Brotherly Love

October 27th, 2017


I'd rather have had more of Karate Nun.


Weakest episode so far, primarily because Sophie is a profoundly uninteresting character, but also because the entire horror side of things was shoved way off to the back and almost out of the episode entirely. This also traded a lot of the style and fun for weepy sentimentality, only really getting to the horror stuff in the last five minutes or so. The horror itself also really needed a bit more depth to it. Not more backstory. God no. There was very little of that, and it was all dumb; a woman was literally tortured by her brother in his torture basement, so she killed him. It needed some kind of "point of no return" for her to cross rather than just being a helpless victim every step of the way. Would've helped Sword be more of a hero too, as well as made him not just immediately killing her when he first showed up make a little more sense. What exactly was his plan there that Sophie being around caused to move forward? To wait for her to leave the house and go into public? To finish eating her brother's face?

It's still doing a decent enough job on a number of lesser things. Karate Nun, for one. Another glimpse into the greater world that both amuses and leaves one wanting more. It's not shoehorning every character into every episode either. Sword only showed up when he needed to, and the rest of the peanut gallery didn't need to appear to make unnecessary comments at all. What low bars we have to clear when discussing Japanese media. 

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That poor suit.

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  • abc says:

    I dunno, but this Motorbike of him, could be direct from an batman Movie or Akira got an Upgrade Bike